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DREAM MORE Wall Stencil - Stencil Up
DREAM MORE Wall Stencil - Stencil Up

Dream More Wall Stencil

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Dream More is a motif stencil which is perfect for a nursery, or just a space where you would like a splash of inspiration text!

  • SMALL - Sheet size 450mm x 230mm; Pattern Size: 420mm x 178mm
  • MEDIUM - Sheet size 600mm x 310mm; Pattern Size: 568mm x 258mm
  • LARGE - Sheet size 815mm x 350mm; Pattern Size: 844mm x 357mm
Our stencils are reusable and durable so you can use them many times to create feature walls and accessories such as cushions and furniture. Stencils are a flexible way to decorate, freeing you from the limitations of wallpaper restricted colour palettes – with a stencil you can choose any colour you wish!