Fern Leaf Wall Stencil

fern leaf stencil for painting
fern leaf wall stencil
fern leaf stencil
fern leaf wallpaper stencil
fern leaf motif stencil
Fern Leaf Wall Stencil

Fern Leaf Wall Stencil

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If you are looking for botanical stencils, Fern Leaf could be perfect! Choose a large, medium or small leaf stencil for a bold motif, or create more impact with a set of all three. Use repeatedly to create elegant fern leaf wallpaper! This fern leaf stencil for walls is very easy for beginners as no lining up is required. Or it can be used to create a leafy border, or the small leaf works well as a furniture stencil.


  • LARGE 782mm (30.7”) x 520mm (20.5”)
  • MEDIUM 380mm (15”) x 523mm (20.5”)
  • SMALL 260mm (10”) x 356mm(14”)

The sizes are for the overall design, the stencil sheet will be larger than this. Please refer to the sizing picture to determine the correct size for your project.


  • Painted stencils are cheaper and easier than wallpaper
  • Unlimited colour combinations
  • Eco-friendly, saves on paper and the stencils are reusable and recylclable.


Each design has registrations marks so you can easily create a seamless pattern. Registration instructions are included with each stencil, along with a 'how-to" guide.

Visit our Facebook group for ideas and tips and the ask any questions about your project. 


Water-based paints are the easier to use with stencilling. Fabric paints also work very well for craft projects.


Our stencils are reusable and durable so you can use them many times to create feature walls and accessories such as cushions and furniture.

Stencils are a flexible way to decorate, freeing you from the limitations of wallpaper restricted colour palettes – with a stencil you can choose any colour you wish!

We use 250 micron Mylar, a reusable and recylclable material. We have chosen 250 micron as it is durable yet flexible enough the bend into corners.

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fern leaf stencil for painting
fern leaf wall stencil
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