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Rose Motif Painted Wall Stencil
Rose Motif Painted Wall Stencil


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Create an indoor rose garden with Rose Motifs, a set of three flowers. Use them alone, or layer them to create a beautiful bouquet!

Stencilling is a rewarding and creative way to decorate!

SMALL: 184mm (h) (7")
MEDIUM: 280mm (h) (11")
LARGE: 520mm (h) (20")

This stencil pattern comes with an edge stencil to make stencilling the area by the ceiling easier, and smaller individual stencils to fill gaps, but work very well as craft stencils for furniture or upholstery.

Follow the registration photo for a seamless pattern.

Have our read of our 'how to' guide while you wait for your stencil to arrive. A paper copy is included with every stencil. 

You can use a wide variety of paints for stencilling. For walls, we recommend water-based emulsion, but you can also use fabric paints, gloss, varnish and metallics. Our stencils are made from a strong, but flexible material called Mylar, which is easy to bed into corners.