Cromas Pure Metals

Pure Metal stencil
Cromas Pure Metals
Cromas Pure Metals
Cromas Pure Metals
Cromas Pure Metals
Cromas Pure Metals

Cromas Pure Metals

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PURE METAL is a collection of Liquid Metal Coatings by Cromas, that allows you to create 3D metal finishes with a brilliant shine. It is a solvent-free system when used for trowel application and offers enormous scope for creativity, allowing you to achieve a luxurious finish on your furniture and home decor projects. A high concentration of metallic microspheres in an epoxy resin allows for a unique and beautiful metallic shine

The surfaces decorated with resins from the Pure Metal Collection have a metallic texture and three-dimensional feel.

The kits are supplied with all you need for your project:

  • Pure Metal resin
  • Primer
  • Hardener
  • Set of sanding and polishing discs
  • Instructions

The metal particles in this mixture allow for creating unique shades of metallic colour that reflect the light and show the darker burnished areas. Because the resin is applied with a spatula, then sanded and polished, it is simple to create an amazing textured effect. The polished surface reflects brightly in the light and looks and feels just like real metal

The product resembles a thick plaster and comes in 4 base colours that can be mixed to achieve more metallic finishes. This product is based on a solvent-free and water-free metallic epoxy resin with 100% solids materials


The base colours available are:
zinc pure metal resin
brass pure metal resin
copper pure metal resin
These can then be mixed together and with black to create the following:
Bronze pure metal resin
50% Copper / 50% Brass
dark zinc pure metals resin
80% Zinc / 20% Black
Dark Brass
80% Zinc / 20% Black
burnished bronze pure metal resin
40% Brass / 40% Copper / 20% Black
Burnished Copper Pure Metal Resin
80% Copper / 20% Black

Application Technique 

Pure Metal can be applied with a spatula or trowel. The curing time is 24 to 48 hours. After a minimum of 48 hours, it is possible to sand and polish the hard resin. Using an orbital sander, sand with a series of sandpaper grit sizes from 180-240 / 320 / 500 / 1200 and then polished with grits up to 6000
Because the effect is a polished metal surface, it can oxidize or change with time. But it can be polished again to bring back the shine. 


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