New Art Deco collection with Made by Murphy

Earlier in the year we were approached by the fabulous furniture refinisher Shona Murphy of  Made by Murphy, to produce some Art Deco stencils. Anyone familiar with Shona's work will know of her amazing Art Deco transformations of furniture, so we were excited to work on designs specifically for furniture.

Rather than producing bespoke stencils for Shona, we thought it a great opportunity for a collaboration, and now, a few months on, we have finally launched the collection.

Comprising of six designs, each stencil is available in a variety of sizes from A4 up to A1 and although designed with furniture refinishers in mind, they also make beautiful wall stencils.

Shona has already produced some stunning pieces with these stencils that are sure to be an inspiration to many refinishers.

GATSBY GLITZ is proving to be a popular choice and was a best-seller in our launch month of July. It's a versatile stencil that works well as a single motif, but can be repeated horizontally to create a landscape design.

DECO TRELLIS is a larger repeating pattern which is quite mesmerising! 

As you can see in these two examples by Shona, the effect is quite different depending on the colours used.

Another motif stencil proving popular is DECO DREAMS, a beautiful motif, an elegant border and it could even work upside down!

The final motif stencil (for the moment, at least...) is DECADENT DECO a classic Art Deco image, stylish, elegant and decadent!

The last two in the curet line-up are both repeating pattern stencils. GEO LATTICE is a more contemporary design but with Art Deco at it's heart. Beautiful on furniture and dramatic on a wall. 

TIMELESS TIFFANY is based on a Tiffany lamp, and like Deco Trellis, is an almost hypnotic pattern.

View and purchase the collection here or at

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  • Jæssikáh

    Brilliant idea 🤌❤️to allow ones inner artistic, personal touches be incorporated in home a stencil away 🤌🤌 must say this piece should be labelled Tiffany 1920s inspired id say Tiffany’s1920s depending on copyright purposes they are the godfathers of stain glass design …..

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